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Lantronix Hardened Ethernet PoE Switches for Rugged IoT Applications

Power and Secure Data Transfer for Buildings, Transportation, Surveillance, and more

Lantronix leverages over 34 years of expertise in the network switch space to offer a broad portfolio of hardened Ethernet PoE/PoE+ switches. Lantronix offers managed and unmanaged switches with diverse port configurations (4, 8, 16, 24, & 48 ports) and Auto Power Reset (APR) functionality. 

The latest additions to their portfolio include their LS Series, a managed Layer 2 (L2) hardened Gigabit Ethernet PoE++ switch that is integrated with their latest Percepxion™ IoT Edge Solutions Platform, and their SISPM1040-3000-L3 Series, a scalable, managed Layer 3 (L3) hardened Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ switch. Offering rugged performance, and built-in security, Lantronix’s switches are designed to provide power and data transmission for diverse, mission-critical deployments.

Managed Layer 2 Hardened Gigabit Ethernet PoE++ Switch Integrated with Percepxion™
The LS Series is a compact, L2 PoE++ switch suitable for IoT and IP devices in smart buildings or rugged environments.
With a total PoE budget of 720W, the LS Series can power LED lighting, high-powered security cameras, and other IP devices. Additionally, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) allows wireless CLI for troubleshooting, configuring, or resetting the device.
Cloud management and APIs facilitate integration with building management systems, easing deployment, configuration, and maintenance–ultimately enhancing building efficiency and tenant experience while reducing costs.
The LS Series integrates Lantronix’s cloud-based Percepxion software platform, allowing for lifecycle management, enterprise application integration, and data analytics, all in a single interface.
       Lantronix LSS2200-8P
Key Features
  • PoE++ for up to 90W
  • 720W PoE power budget
  • Simple to use web GUI and CLI management
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and NFC (Near Field Communications)
  • -40° to +65°C operating temperature
  • Fanless design
  • Percepxion IoT Edge Solutions Platform
 Key Applications 
  • Smart buildings
  • PoE lighting
  • Security & surveillance
Managed Layer 3 Gigabit PoE+ Hardened Ethernet Switches
The SISPM1040-3000-L3 Series offers managed, Layer 3 hardened Gigabit Ethernet PoE switches designed for demanding applications in Smart City and Utility, Transportation, Security, and Surveillance sectors. 

These switches provide robust Layer 2 and Layer 3 features and performance, along with reliability in extreme temperatures (-40° to 75°C) suitable for outdoor and indoor environments. They are tailored to support current and future IoT applications with non-blocking performance.

Device management is simplified through Lantronix ConsoleFlow™, a cloud-based control system. ConsoleFlow offers centralized management and True Zero-Touch automation for easy onboarding and provisioning, eliminating the need for remote or on-site visits, and reducing operational costs. Additionally, native mobile apps for iOS® or Android™ platforms enable remote monitoring and connectivity on the go.
       Lantronix SISPM1040-3166-L3-NA

       Lantronix SISPM1040-3248-L3-NA

 Key Applications 
  • IP surveillance, supplying power and data to IP cameras
  • Connecting and remotely powering wireless access points
  • Monitoring/managing attached powered devices from various vendors
  • Carrier Ethernet applications with Advanced Operations, Administration                                 and Management (OAM)
  • Outdoor environments requiring wide temperature support
LS Series Product Brief
SISPM1040-3000-L3 Series Product Brief
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