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Symmetry Electronics Counterfeit Mitigation & Authorization

Symmetry Electronics recognizes that the proliferation of counterfeit components in the electronics industry is a growing and serious issue. One of the best mitigation techniques is to ensure purchases are only made directly from either the OEM or the OEM's authorized distributor.

In 2017, Symmetry Electronics joined the TTI Semiconductor Group (TSG) as part of the TTI Inc. family of companies. Confirming our commitment to a counterfeit free marketplace, TTI is a contributing member on several SAE committees for counterfeit risk mitigation, and co-chairs the SAE committee for authorized distribution whose standard is AS6496. TTI's counterfeit mitigation procedures are based upon AS6496. TTI is also on the ECIA (Electronics Components Industry Association) committee establishing best practices and risk reduction in the potential acquisition of a counterfeit part through the supply chain. These committee involvements, along with our sponsorship and presentation in several anti-counterfeit symposiums annually, reinforce our efforts to better protect the electronics industry from the abuses of counterfeit component purveyors.

Symmetry Electronics follows our own advice to customers, and in no case does Symmetry Electronics purchase from the open market, or from independent distributors, nor does Symmetry Electronics provide to the market products for which we are not authorized. As such, our customers can have utmost confidence that parts purchased from Symmetry Electronics are authorized, and carry all the rights of the authorized supply chain including warranty and failure analysis support. The certificate of conformance on the bottom of the Symmetry Electronics packing list attests to the authenticity and authorized nature of the parts provided by Symmetry Electronics.

Symmetry Electronics is committed to the integrity of its supply chain and to the business model of authorized distribution.

Megan McCaw
Quality Manager