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How to Revolutionize Network Dynamics with Lantronix Ethernet Switches

Jari Haiston in Blogs on March 25, 2024

About Jari Haiston

Jari Haiston is part of the growing digital marketing team at Symmetry Electronics. Jari comes from a background in technical writing and event coordination. In her current role, she specializes in content creation and social media management. Jari's focus as a writer is to create interesting content that is accessible to any audience.
How to revolutionize network dynamics with Lantronix Ethernet Switches. Featuring product images of both the LSS2200-8P and the sispm1040-3166-l3-na on the right hand side.

In today’s interconnected world, reliable and efficient network infrastructure is crucial for businesses, organizations, smart cities, and more. Lantronix, a leading provider of secure access and management solutions, offers a range of high-performance Ethernet switches designed to enhance network dynamics. Among their broad portfolio, the LS Series and SISPM-3000-L3 Series are Layer 2 and 3 hardened grade Ethernet switches that are tailored to meet the evolving requirements of developers. These feature-rich switches deliver the versatility, scalability, and efficiency required to provide industry-leading network performance optimization.

The Importance of Hardened Grade Switches in IoT Designs

In extreme environments, where durability and reliability are paramount, hardened grade switches play a vital role. Designed to withstand temperature fluctuations, humidity, and electrical noise, these types of switches are indispensable tools in industrial settings. They ensure uninterrupted connectivity in critical applications such as transportation systems and outdoor surveillance, guarding against downtime, disruptions, and more. Moreover, hardened switches bolster network security, adding protection against cyber threats and maintaining the integrity of network operations in mission-critical deployments.

Hardened Grade Switches:

  • Are designed to work in temperatures from -40–75 degrees Celsius, making them versatile solutions for use in factories, outdoor environments, and industrial automation.
  • Are not affected by items like ambient temperatures, humidity, dust, vibration or shock. Because of this, hardened-grade switches will have a higher Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), which means the elapsed time between inherent failures of electronic systems. This is all achieved without maintenance or requiring replacement parts.
  • Use a fanless enclosure to dissipate all the heat from the actual hardware while enterprise switches use fans for cooling.

Layer 2 vs Layer 3 Hardened Grade Ethernet Switches

Layer 2 Switching

Layer 2 (L2) switches are integral components in IoT designs that facilitate efficient traffic handling and network segmentation. These switches operate at the data link layer, forwarding frames based on MAC addresses to reduce network congestion and enhance overall performance. VLAN segmentation enhances security and organizes networks logistically, while Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms prioritize critical data submission, ensuring timely delivery in IoT deployments where real-time communication is crucial.

Layer 3 Switching

Layer 3 (L3) switches, such as the SISPM-3000-L3 Series, provide dynamic routing capabilities and scalability that’s essential for complex IoT networks. Supporting dynamic routing protocols like OSPF and RIP, layer 3 switches optimize data flow across networks, enabling effective management of large-scale IoT deployments. With scalability built-in, Layer 3 switches accommodate increasing traffic and device connections ensuring seamless performance as IoT networks expand.

The LS Series

The LS Series stands out as a compact yet powerful L2 PoE++ Gigabit Ethernet switch that offers a wide range of features for modern networking needs. Its small footprint makes it an ideal solution for smart buildings and rugged environments where space is at a premium.

Simplifying device management for IoT and IP devices, the LS Series enables seamless integration into cloud-based platforms for centralized control and monitoring. Additionally, with eight 1GBase-T interfaces boasting full IEEE 802.3 compliance–the LS Series ensures efficient data transmission and network management, representing a powerful lineup of Ethernet switches designed for versatility and performance.

LS Series Key Features and Benefits

  • Secure connectivity enables easy deployment with cloud management and APIs for integrating with building management systems.
  • Full IEEE 802.3bt on all ports with 90W PoE on each port (total 720W budget) facilitates powering of LED lights, security and surveillance cameras, and other high-powered IP devices to improve building efficiency.
  • Its small footprint fits conveniently within cabinets or other small spaces for de-centralized PoE applications.
  • Special PoE features minimize power interruptions to connected PDs with Always-On PoE (which allows the switch to retain PoE output during a warm re-boot) and Ultra-fast PoE (which enables PoE output within approximately 5 seconds of a cold start).
  • An expansion port provides flexibility for adding future functionality within the existing footprint.
  • Integrates Lantronix’s PercepxionTM IoT Edge Solutions Platform for lifecycle management, enterprise application integration, and data analytics, all in a single interface.

LS Series Key Applications

  • Smart Buildings
  • PoE Lighting
  • Security & Surveillance

The SISPM-3000-L3 Series

The SISPM-3000-L3 Series represents a managed L3 Gigabit Ethernet PoE switch, equipped with features designed to meet the demands of challenging environments. It offers the advantages of both L2 and L3 switching capabilities, making it ideally suited for applications in smart city, utility, transportation, and surveillance and security.

SISPM-3000-L3 solutions meet the demands of IoT and connected applications through non-blocking/wirespeed performance and the inherently robust operating temperatures of hardened grade technology. Its capabilities facilitate the seamless integration of IoT devices into existing networks, ensuring adaptability and scalability as the industry evolves.

SISPM-3000-L3 Key Features and Benefits

  • Energy efficient Ethernet (IEEE 802.3az) allows for power saving and total cost reduction while building a green Ethernet networking environment.
  • IEEE 802.3at/af provides up to 30 Watts per port and automatically detects PoE devices and their power class to simplify PoE deployments.
  • Always-on PoE ensures there is always PoE power to the attached PDs so a reboot or firmware upgrade to the switch will not disrupt power to the PDs allowing camera or wireless access points to continue functioning.
  • Rapid network conversion enables high performance IP unicast routing using OSPFv2/v3 and RIPv1/v2 to dynamically learn and exchange routing information for rapid network convergence to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • IEEE 1588v2PTP hardware-based implementation ensures no performance penalty. Ensures low latency, high accuracy for delay-sensitive financial and mobile applications.
  • Provides carrier Ethernet features such as Advanced Operations, Administration, and Management (OAM), CFM, ERPS, EPS, and PTPv2, making it ideal for carrier Ethernet applications in hardened temperature environments.
  • A RESTful API is available for integrating and managing the switch through third party tools. It also supports enhanced security features such as IP source guard and Access Control Lists to guard networks against unauthorized access.
  • Device management through Lantronix ConsoleFlow™, a cloud-based control system offering centralized management and True Zero-Touch automation for easy onboarding and provisioning eliminating the need for remote or on-site visits.

SISPM-3000-L3 Key Applications

  • IP surveillance, supplying power and data to IP cameras
  • Connecting and remotely powering wireless access points
  • Monitoring/managing attached powered devices from various vendors
  • Carrier Ethernet applications with Advanced Operations, Administration and Management (OAM)
  • Outdoor environments requiring wide temperature support


Lantronix Ethernet switches empower organizations to design resilient, secure, and efficient networks that can adapt to the ever-changing demands of digitalization. Whether deploying the compact and versatile LS Series or leveraging the rugged and high-performance SISPM-3000-L3 Series, Lantronix switches offer the reliability, scalability, and security needed to revolutionize network dynamics and pave the way for future innovations.


Jari Haiston in Blogs on March 25, 2024

About Jari Haiston

Jari Haiston is part of the growing digital marketing team at Symmetry Electronics. Jari comes from a background in technical writing and event coordination. In her current role, she specializes in content creation and social media management. Jari's focus as a writer is to create interesting content that is accessible to any audience.


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