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iC-Haus is a manufacturer of application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) with facilities in Germany and across the globe. A leading specialist of monolithic mixed-signal circuits and microsystems, iC-Haus products are authorized for industrial, medical, military, and automotive use and follow FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) methods and safety requirements.

iC-Haus provides assembly in standard plastic packages or, for OPTO and power ICs, the Chip-On-Board/Flex and Flip-Chip technique. You can also customize packaging to individual customer requirements, resulting in exclusive ASICs. iC-Haus products employ a range of technologies, including high voltage, linear bipolar, high density and analog CMOS, and power BCD processes. For optional opto layers, iC-Haus created microsystems with integrated sensors called OPTO-ASICs. 

Offering a full range of semiconductor services, iC-Haus can handle design, testing, and mass production of application-specific custom ICs. With flexible product design and implementation accomplished by experienced engineers, iC-Haus promises continuity, quality, and innovation with zero defects, zero defects in product lifetimes, and zero redesigns. 
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