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Video: ESC Silicon Valley 2015 Recap - MultiTech

Jamie Pederson in Blogs on August 28, 2015

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MultiTech was a featured Symmetry partner at ESC Silicon Valley 2015. Steve Kovarik of MultiTech Systems gave us a tour of the LoRa mDot module products featured at the Symmetry Electronics booth.



Steve shows us a demo of an industrial thermostat using a LoRa mDot module that utilizes a Cortex-M4 processor that can be used on the MBED development environment. This module connects wirelessly to the Conduit Gateway. The gateway is customizable with the various mCards that can be installed and is expandable because it can connect to thousands of mDot modules at a time. The Conduit in this demo is the AEP (Application Execution Platform) which runs Node Red and is a graphical interface. Multi-Tech also has an open source mLinux version running embedded Linux. This gives the user the freedom of a graphical interface or a Linux interface. From the Conduit, there is another wireless LoRa link to another mDot. The first mDot is monitoring the buttons on its IO ports. These buttons are used to control the set point of the temp sensor on the end mDot. Upon changing the set point, we see a fan begin to run or stop running depending on where the set point is.


This demo features LoRa technology which provides a long distance, low bandwidth wireless link that is great for long distance. It has excellent resistance to concrete and water, making it ideal for either outdoor or indoor sensing applications. While this demo highlighted a specific mDot, Multi-Tech also has GPIO, Ethernet, Serial, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth versions. 


For more information about these or any other MultiTech products, call Symmetry at (310) 536-6190 or contact us online



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