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MultiTech Comprehensive LoRaWAN® Solutions

From Sensor to Cloud

A founding member of the LoRa Alliance®, MultiTech leverages over 52 years of industry expertise to offer engineers the ultimate LoRa® (Long Range) development solutions. MultiTech offers a true sensor-to-cloud ecosystem by delivering wireless sensors and embedded modules based on LoRaWAN® (Long Range Wide Area Network) technology, gateways that bridge LoRaWAN devices to the Internet, and cloud-based device management tools.

Combine MultiTech’s comprehensive, sensor-to-cloud portfolio with their in-house design, full-scale manufacturing, and customizable solutions to support the development of diverse Internet of Things (IoT) applications like smart agriculture, smart cities, healthcare, and industrial automation.

Unlock the Full Potential of LoRaWAN® with MultiTech

LoRaWAN, a long-range communication protocol and network built on top of the LoRa physical layer technology is a lucrative long range connectivity option for IoT developers. Benefit from the following unique features of LoRa:

  • Long Range - even in rural areas
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Low Cost
  • Scalability
  • Adaptive Data Rate
  • Bi-Directional Communication
  • Open Standard
LoRaWAN® official logo in blue and black.

Browse A Specific MultiTech LoRaWAN Product Family

LoRaWAN Wireless Sensors

Regardless of the long range IoT application, MultiTech offers an extensive line of Radio Bridge (a MultiTech Company) LoRaWAN wireless sensors to support any use case. Radio Bridge LoRaWAN wireless sensors integrate seamlessly with MultiTech’s line of LoRaWAN modules and gateways and boast long range connectivity, low cost, and extended battery life. Receive critical asset data in real time, measuring temperature and humidity, leak detection, movement, push button, proximity, and industrial-grade sensing.

Leak Detection Sensors
High pressure pipe leaking.
Movement Sensors
Newly installed, Wireless Internet CCTV camera system seen with PIR detector and two high power LED floodlights. Located on a side entrance to a house.
Industrial Sensors
Hands holding tablet on blurred automation machine as background.

MultiTech Conduit® AP 300 Series

The MultiTech Conduit AP 300 Series offers developers an unparalleled access point for LoRaWAN connectivity. With boosted computing power and the choice of cellular 4G LTE Backhaul, this gateway ensures top-notch indoor wireless connectivity. Effortlessly link numerous sensors spanning diverse industries, remotely oversee deployments using DeviceHQ®, and enhance your building management system through integrated LoRaWAN network server and BACnet integration.

MultiTech's Conduit AP 300 Series was the winner of the IoT Excellence award in 2023.
Ethernet Only

MultiTech Conduit®

The MultiTech Conduit MTCDT Series stands as the preferred programmable LoRa gateway solution for industrial IoT applications. Benefit from carrier-endorsed connectivity choices and remote oversight via DeviceHQ, simplifying deployment and enhancing asset management efficiency. Seamlessly incorporate a diverse array of assets and leverage budget-friendly global connectivity alternatives, streamlining the management of IoT applications.

Ethernet Only Gateways with GNSS
Ethernet Only Gateways with GNSS & Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

Conduit® IP67 Base Station

The MultiTech Conduit IP67 Base Station presents a robust IoT gateway solution designed for outdoor LoRa network setups. Offering enhanced ruggedness and scalability, this gateway facilitates LoRaWAN applications across diverse environments, ensuring dependable connectivity for numerous end nodes. Packaged for convenient deployment, it comprises a Conduit with a LoRa mCard™, an IP67 enclosure, and a high-gain LoRa antenna, expanding network coverage and simplifying installation processes. Supported by features like PoE capability and a cloud-based management platform, the Conduit IP67 Base Station delivers seamless connectivity and cost-efficient assistance for M2M and IoT applications.

Ethernet Only

MultiTech xDot® Essential & Advanced

MultiTech's xDot Essential and Advanced LoRaWAN Certified Modules provide dependable connectivity across smart cities, agriculture, and industrial automation sectors. With AES-128 encryption ensuring cybersecurity and identical pin compatibility for straightforward integration, the xDot guarantees effortless deployment and customization. Trusted globally by enterprises, the xDot emerges as the preferred option for enduring IoT deployments, offering both performance and value within a single solution.

xDot Essential

Modules - Global/NA/Canada
Development Kit - Global
Development Kit - NA/Canada

xDot Advanced

Modules - Global/NA/Canada
Development Kit - Global

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