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Why AMD R-Series (Part 2)

Monday, December 9, 2013

The AMD Embedded R-Series excels in low power and low cost delivery of a high definition visual experience for smaller form factors. It is exceptionally well suited for digital signage, casino gaming, and medical imaging, among many others. 


Digital signage     

More and more customers are requiring better graphics, more display options, and interactivity, higher reliability, and long-term availability from systems being deployed. AMD Embedded R-Series APUs are a good fit for customers with high-definition graphics-intensive applications, including multi-screen installations. R-Series APUs deliver advanced features targeted at helping to reduce development, solution and operating costs: low power solutions can be scaled for single standard definition displays or multiple HD displays. They also offer remote management, allowing costs to be managed while increasing reliability and uptime, and enable the analysis and capture of audience metrics through the use of AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) Technology.


Casino gaming 

The AMD Embedded R-Series is perfect for Electronic Game Machine manufacturers, providing them with the opportunity to make more revenue per machine with lower operating costs with low power operation and superior energy efficiency. AMD R-Series APUs combine discrete-class graphics with high-performance x86 compute cores on a single silicon device. Tight integration of these elements with an onboard memory controller and high-speed I/O addresses the low-latency, high-efficiency and high-performance needs of digital gaming systems. The AMD R-Series family of APUs and CPUs offers models with two or four of AMD’s innovative x86 compute cores to deliver exceptional performance while helping minimize power and cost. Flexible display interfaces enable support for multi-display environments and ultra-high resolution displays, and dedicated hardware acceleration engines enable dependable performance for decoding multimedia content in media-rich games. With both socketed and BGA package options and a wide range of performance and power levels, AMD R-Series APUs and CPUs provide flexible solutions for mid-range to high-end gaming systems and accelerate time to market for electronic game manufacturers with scalable, small-footprint system solutions. 


Medical imaging     

In today’s medical and health care industry, new digital technologies such as digital radiography, 3D, paCS, and remote graphics are helping improve patient care and save lives. Medical imaging depends on high quality displays and graphics that help radiology professionals see more to improve diagnostic abilities and patient treatment. AMD Embedded R-Series APUs are ideal for high resolution diagnostic displays across numerous specialties. R-Series offers a full range of high resolution, high bit depth, multi-display solutions to help medical professionals work more efficiently by quickly viewing large amounts of information to improve patient treatment and achieve a high standard of care. 



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