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Video: NimbeLink - Skywire Cellular Modems for OEM Applications

Thursday, July 10, 2014

In today’s Google Hangout, Symmetry speaks with NimbeLink about the Skywire Cellular modems.

Where are you coming at us from, today? (00:15-00:27)

Coming at you from Minnesota. We’re up here finally getting some nice, warm weather.

What does NimbleLink do? (00:28-1:02)

Our goal is to nimbly link customers to cellular networks.  The product that we introduced late fall last year was our Skywire Certified Cellular Modem. Folks can find more information from the technical perspective.

What are some of the use cases? (1:02-1:34)

Right now, it’s very nice that they were very horizontal from a technological point-of-view. We have 2G and 3G products. We have customers integrating cellular technology into cellular car charging stations, tractors, farm monitoring, and agriculture and soil monitoring. It’s a very wide application.

Give us a brief run-through of some of the hurdles you had in this industry or maybe with this product. (1:35-2:06)

One of the reasons why we started the product is we had a difficult time getting connected and our product certified up on to the cellular networks, and that continues to be a hurdle for our customers… we continue to work hard to make it easier on our customers.

Demo for innovators who may want to integrate the product (1:35-2:49)

Talk to us about the future of your product (2:50-3:13)

We got a road map going from the current product from the 2G to the 3G.Coming into the fall, we’re going to be launching LTE, which is really exciting because LTE drives a whole different level of opportunities for data, video and so forth.

What can of video and data? Give us a quick use case. (3:14-3:43)

Drones - We’re talking today with folks that are building drones. They like to be able to connect a video camera into a drone and get cellular videos streaming off to their application.

Applications in agriculture – They are sending mega data out of the tractors and wanted to get that data right away.

To order a NimbeLink Skywire modem, call Symmetry at (310) 536-6190, or contact us online. 



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