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Video: GainSpan - Video Application Development Kit (ADK)

Friday, August 22, 2014

In today's Google Hangout, Kiran Koshy, Director of Product Management at GainSpan, is back to talk about the GainSpan  Full HD Video Battery Powered Application Development Kit (ADK), a complete reference design demonstrating a VGA resolution (640x480) video streaming application based on the GainSpan GS2011MIZ Wi-Fi module.

The GainSpan Full HD Video Battery Powered ADK is a development platform integrating the major hardware and software components for a Wi-Fi IP camera solution and key functionality for battery powered operation for the camera. The Video ADK enables wireless video streaming to an iOS or Android smartphone through a battery-powered video application board. The Video ADK includes the video application board, a complete hardware design package, and a software suite including embedded software and mobile reference applications for iOS or Android based smartphones. The video application board features the GainSpan GS2011MIZ Wi-Fi module, a video compression chip, a VGA imaging sensor chip, motion detector, single snapshot trigger button, WPS/Provisioning button and various LEDs to indicate modes of operation. The embedded software, based on the GainSpan GEPS embedded firmware, includes the complete video application software and Wi-Fi and networking stack including mDNS/DNS-SD based discovery methods to discover devices and services available on the wireless network.

The video mobile applications showcase the video streaming capability of the GainSpan Video ADK. The application features a dashboard used for setup and selection of camera and an RTP/RTSP protocol based custom player that allows users to view live video data. Other features include audio alarms when motion or sound is detected, a “soft” snapshot button that allows users to take a single still image, and password protected access to camera.


4 Key Advantages of the GainSpan Video ADK

  1. Unique battery powered functionality; most cameras are line-powered
  2. Extremely high resolution: supports up to 1080P full HD resolution
  3. This design is a hostless architecture, which means that all of the key functionality for this application is performed on GS2000 SOC. GS2000 is a powerful SOC featuring a dual core Cortex-M3 architecture.
  4. Provides a complete development system that our customers can use to develop their applications, saving customers 6-9 months of development time.


Benefits of the GainSpan Video ADK

  • Complete VGA resolution video reference design that allows users to stream video from a camera to their iOS or Android based smartphones
  • Target applications are video streaming applications such as Wi-Fi doorbells, battery or line powered IP cameras, car rear-view cameras, and baby monitors
  • Accelerated time-to-market using GainSpan’s solution that includes complete hardware design package and software suite (embedded software source and mobile reference apps)
  • Ultra low-power video streaming for battery powered devices


GainSpan Video ADK Features 

  • GS2011MIZ module with extremely low power IEEE 802.11b/g/n compliant module meeting worldwide regulatory and Wi-Fi Alliance certification requirements.
  • Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution with H.264 encoder
  • In-home streaming via access point
  • Mobile applications
  • Battery powered reference design with charging circuit
  • Planned support for:
    • Streaming to the cloud through an access point or a custom gateway
    • Uploading to cloud and storage in the cloud
    • Power saving mode implementation for long battery life designs
    • 2-way audio for communication with a smartphone

An evaluation version of the ADK, the Video Application Evaluation Kit (AEK), is also available. The Video ADK includes source code for embedded video application software and iOS and Android based mobile applications, while the AEK includes binary-only embedded software and mobile apps.

Call Symmetry at (310) 536-6190 or contact us online to get started with GainSpan’s Video Application Development Kit. 



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