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Video: ESC Silicon Valley 2015 Recap - Telit

Jamie Pederson in Blogs on August 14, 2015

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Telit was a featured Symmetry partner at ESC Silicon Valley 2015. Telit was promoting their cellular and GPS modules, offering connectivity and platform services for integrated M2M solutions.


No discussion regarding M2M would be complete without mentioning Telit’s Wireless solutions. If you’re designing an M2M project, the GL865-QUAD is an ideal solution in many cases. It was designed as an improvement over the previous GL865-DUAL in that it works with all GSM bands, which opens up design possibilities because the engineer can have a product that works across all GSM bands out of the box. No longer is there a need to create different products for each band. That’s just the beginning of the list of benefits to the GL865-QUAD. It’s been designed with convenience in mind for both high volume production as well as low volume and niche applications with the LCC form factor, which is suitable for manual soldering and removal. Telit has also included FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air), which is a mobile software management technology that allows over-the-air updates to a mobile device, eliminating the need to send technicians out into the field to each individual unit for a hard wired firmware update. Finally, the GL865-QUAD is m2mAIR ready. This is a value added service from Telit that provides tailored plans delivering the connectivity you need in a convenient, easy to use web based tool. m2mAIR gives the user flexibility into the individual SIM/subscription level to activate and suspend individual cards, manage profiles/traffic, troubleshoot networks, and obtain online reports.

Telit has made it their mission to continue as the fastest growing M2M supplier with powerful, flexible products and the support to ensure all of an end user’s needs are met. For more information about Telit and wireless connectivity, call Symmetry at (310) 536-6190 or contact us online



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