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Video: ESC Silicon Valley 2015 Recap - Silvertel

Jamie Pederson in Blogs on August 31, 2015

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In this video, we join of Silvertel Design Engineer Sion O’Boyle as he explains the various demos at the Silvertel booth, focusing on Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Qi wireless charging.


Silvertel has an extensive PoE offering that can power end devices including (but not limited to) cameras, fingerprint readers, lighting control, and wireless access points with power offerings up to an impressive 200 Watts. These modules are a corner stone of the IoT market as they provide the power needed in remote locations where Ethernet is in place thereby not requiring additional infrastructure. 


The Silvertel Wireless charging offering focuses on the widely accepted Qi standard. The transmitter and receiver modules use a standard coil and will provide power to any device up to 5 Watts. The Silvertel wireless charging modules are designed to transmit power to cell phones either with the coil built in or with an adapter. Wireless charging stations are already popping up in coffee houses where they are integrated into table tops to provide users with a quick way to top off their batteries. This opens up the possibilities for a designer who needs to power a device while keeping either the transmitter and/or the receiver enclosed. Silvertel offers the EVALAG301EVALAG311, and EVALAG312 evaluation boards for their wireless charging products.


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