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Video: ESC Silicon Valley 2015 Recap - Antenova

Jamie Pederson in Blogs on August 19, 2015

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Antenova was a featured Symmetry partner at ESC Silicon Valley 2015. Norm Smith of Antenova was kind enough to give us a quick rundown of the antenna products featured at the Symmetry Electronics booth


Norm started out showing us the gigaNOVA products, which cover ISM, cellular, 2.4GHz, 900MHz, GPS, and GNSS. These are all small form factor, pick and place surface mount antennas. 


Next, Norm moves on to the lamiiANT family of dielectric antennas. These reduce the footprint by 2/3 at a lower price while maintaining the same performance of the previous products. The cost, size, and performance makes this product perfect for IoT applications. Below are the parts included in the lamiiANT family:


SR4G008 – Embedded antenna for GNSS devices

SR4G008-U1 – Development board for SR4G008

SR42W001 – Ultra compact antenna for dual-band WiFi

SR42W001-U1 – Development board for SR42W001


Lastly, Antenova featured their ceriANT family. this ceriiANT series Weii antenna is quite possibly the smallest ceramic chip in the world with an impressive dimension of 1mm x 0.5mm x 0.5mm (excluding the total keep-out area/footprint). The size of this antenna makes it a target for anyone in the IoT and/or wearable space. The end user will see the performance of a much bigger antenna with the dramatic space savings expected from Antenova.


For more information about these or any other Antenova products, call Symmetry at (310) 536-6190 or contact us online



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