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Top 5 Frighteningly Awesome Halloween Tech Projects

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! Whether you prefer tricks or treats, we love how technology is bringing this spook-tacular holiday to life. Here are five of our favorite Halloween tech projects.


1. Deadly Doors 

Motion sensors trigger this petrifying portal to play videos or images to a screen built into the door. Speakers are built in to provide accompanying audio, and hydraulic pistons rattle the door from inside to enhance the effect.


Want to electrify your entryway? Symmetry Electronics has graphics processors, audio supplies, motor controllers, and sensors for you to set up your own scary slammer!


2. Talking Heads

Fond of startling your guests upon their arrival? These Arduino-powered singing busts will be the talk of the town. They leverage motion sensors to trigger a video projection that illuminates the busts, accompanied by an audio track synced to the video projection. An Arduino UNO facilitates the interaction between the motion sensor trigger and the computer and projector.



Join the conversation and set up your own choir! Find Arduino products, graphics processors, audio supplies, sensors, and more at Symmetry.


3. Candy Delivery Monster

This monster is more cute than frightening, and delivers sweets instead of scares! The Marin Makerspace built the Arduino-powered Cyclops to encourage charitable donations to local organizations. Kids can donate food to the Marin Food Bank or buy tickets for the Imagination Foundation to trigger the monster’s candy dispensing functionality.



Create your own creature! Symmetry has Arduino products, audio supplies, motor controllers,


4. Ghost Drone

Got a quadcopter handy? Alton Porter did, and added an inexpensive ghost decoration along with a few LED lights.



The beauty of this simple idea is that you could substitute just about anything for the ghost: a witch, a mummy, a zombie, a werewolf, or something else entirely. We think a giant flying spider would be especially evil. Add in some audio to crank the creep factor, and a camera to record the fun!

Make fear take flight with LEDs, cameras, and audio supplies from Symmetry.


5. High-Tech Scare Parks

Here in Los Angeles, Halloween takes over many of the local theme parks during the month of October. Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, Knott’s Scary Farm at Knott’s Berry Farm, and Dark Harbor at the Queen Mary lead the way in offering frights for the whole family.

Gone are the days of fog machines and character masks being the only tools of terror; these parks have gone high-tech. Today, the scares are delivered using complex computerized systems controlling animatronics, lighting, audio tracks, motor control, and video monitors. Staff can track the progress of guests through mazes and other features through the use of video cameras, infrared, and various sensors.

Want to create your own house of horrors? Symmetry Electronics stocks motor control, audio supplies, graphics processors, cameras, Power over Ethernet, and all kinds of sensors to get you going.


Creepy enough for you? What are some of your favorite Halloween projects? For help getting your own spooky project started, call Symmetry at (310) 536-6190, or contact us online.


Have a happy and safe Halloween! 



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