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The Top 5 Development Kits In Stock Now

James Staubes in Blogs on November 02, 2016

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Engineers want results, high quality, and a fast response when they need something. Symmetry has solutions for all of those concerns with awesome Dev Kits. These kits speed up a design and decrease time to market. Additionally, these kits are from the top names in tech. They give the basics of a design in one convenient package, and save hours of time in application development. Order by 2:30 pm PT and we'll ship your order the same day. 

These top selling dev kits are in stock now!

1. Nordic nRF52-DK - BUY for $39 

The Nordic nRF52-DK is a stand-alone development board for developing Bluetooth® Smart (formerly known as Bluetooth low energy), ANT, or 2.4GHz proprietary applications. The board is Arduino Uno pin compatible which allows 3rd party Arduino Uno compatible shields to be connected to the board.

2. Silicon Labs Thunderboard Sense - BUY for $29 

Every Thunderboard comes with a variety of sensors that you can use to prototype - or productize your idea. With the built-in sensors you can scale the complexity of your product. Use one, or all sensors to measure and collect motion, environmental and biometric data. 

3. DecaWave TREK1000 - BUY For $899 

The IC Evaluation Kit for Two-Way-Ranging (TWR) RTLS (Real Time Location Systems) enables users to evaluate the performance of DecaWave’s DW1000 Ultra-Wideband (UWB) IC in RTLS application use cases based on various topologies. The TREK1000 Kit consists of 4 DW1000 units, configurable as anchors or tags, PC application software and source code for RTLS result display and board software source code which can be used as a starting point for developing their own products.

4. Telit LTE-IN-A-BOX LE910 Dev Kit - BUY for $650


Complete LTE cellular M2M development kit,  LTE-IN-A-BOX kits are based on the Telit LE910 LTE 3GPP HSPA+ modules.  This kit contains everything you need to start your LTE M2M cellular design. The Telit LE910 family of modules introduce the next generation of Telit LTE modules. LE910 is essentially two high-speed cellular modules in one. An LTE 3GPP Release 9 module delivering data rates of 100Mbps downlink and 50Mbps uplink and an HSPA+ module delivering up to 42Mbps downlink and 5.76Mbps uplink rates. Telit LE910 modules automatically falls back to HSPA+ if it is unable to register onto an LTE network. It also includes Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technology, an essential feature to meet demands for data rate and link reliability in modern wireless communication systems including LTE.   

5. DVDO Air3C-PRO - BUY for $299 

This last one isn’t technically a development kit, but everyone loves wireless high definition video. The DVDO Air3C-PRO is the industry’s first WirelessHD adapter designed for commercial and professional home theater installations with a rock-solid wireless link, exclusive installation software to monitor and lock down an installation, and flexible mounting options. Air3C-PRO is the ideal tool to keep on every installer’s truck to streamline every installation without sacrificing the picture quality or reliability of a cable. Using the 60GHz frequency band, Air3C-PRO is free from other wireless interference.

All of these kits are in stock now. Purchase online or call us at 866-506-8829. 



James Staubes in Blogs on November 02, 2016

About James Staubes



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