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The Future of IoT and Semiconductors - Part 2

Nimit Pradhan in Blogs on September 20, 2017

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Smaller and Smaller Components

As we can see in devices getting smaller and smaller, more mobility is required and integration with other devices. This perspective of the consumer is changing the way our industry is headed as hardware needs to be smaller, power packed and integrated with IoT. 

100 years from now, the 21st century will be known for its technological advancement. The 100 years of technical growth. The semiconductor industry is just at the tip of iceberg. It will grow tremendously in near future.

Growth in 3rd World Countries

3rd world countries will continue to have a deep market penetration and spread globally. We'll need to market end products that find use in developing countries. With Asia and Africa making up a huge section of the global population, these countries need to be targeted and so our focus will have to shift accordingly. With developer countries showing signs of saturation and high competition, the world’s top companies will have to shift focus to the growing emerging countries.

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