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The Best Entries (So Far) In Our Drone Giveaway. There's Still A Chance To Win!

James in Blogs on April 13, 2017

About James

You have the entire month of April to enter to win a drone from Symmetry and Digi International. There's probably never been an easier way to win a drone. Just write a few words on how you'd use Digi XBee Cellular or, what you like about the product. 

Already we've gotten some creative and imaginative ideas. Check these out below and enter for your chance to win. 

Even if you don't enter to win a drone, don't miss the sweet half off deal on the Digi XBee Cellular Dev Kit. Normally the kit is $199 but we're running this promo on the kit during April for $99!

Modify the technology and use the drone to check wear and integrity of the four hundred thousand miles of medium and high voltage transmission lines in Ontario and Manitoba Canada. Presently the use of aircraft cost over $500 per hour and only provides a low resolution snapshot due to height and speed of a wide section of the damaged section and even using a helicopter at over twice the cost does not enhance or highlight the true cause of the problem or how bad the section is. The drone would all us to micro analyze small sections to effect targeted repairs saving millions of dollars.

Mike B.

I would design a module which could protect hunters from hunters. Many hunters are killed accidentally by other hunters. This module could show in real time where other hunters are in order not to shoot in that direction. With a small screen or mobile application, hunters should be appear as point or other symbols or colors. The module would understand in which direction you are going to shoot. The module should advise you by a lighting (or a sound or a vibration) in order to prevent an accident. Of course for game as paintball for example, with several options you could choose to make teams and differentiate all targets on your screen.

Nicolas FRANCE

Just as peers with no server, independent dashboard video cameras from immobile cars in a parking lot, all talk among themselves to decide who has suspicious activity close to it. They send their status to peers and receive data, and the one near the suspicious activity becomes the master and sends an alarm to a "hub" through the clouds. Additionally, the swarm is designed to be resilient, even when swarm elements (cars) into and out of the network. A Digi International XBee Cellular can be used in tandem with ESP8266 modules to carry out this project successfully. This project uses an IoT idea.

Rabah A.

I would use the Digi XBee Cellular Dev Kit to be a main hub that collects data on a Bee Hive apiary. It would then transmit this information to the interested user or cloud to be accessed when needed. Depending on the size of the apiary we could use one as the main hub for data transmission or we could use multiple hubs for all the data of 5000 hives or more in a larger apiary. Also they could be on groups of Hives that get moved around to follow growing seasons for different fruits and crops. This would keep track of how well the hives are doing in a certain area and in turn how well the pollination of the crops are doing.

Paul S.

I Currently work on developing a remote condition monitoring system to monitor rockfall accidents on rockfall catch fences that protect the railways in mountain regions. The system provides real-time warning notifications when a rock fall accident occurs. It requires a reliable and an efficient cellular connectivity modem to ensure high safety against rockfall accidents on the railways. In addition to its unique characteristics and being the smallest certified cellular modem in the market I considered Digi XBee Cellular LTE Cat 1 to add cellular connectivity to my design because it requires a minimal power. This feature is perfectly matched the system requirements of being powered by batteries with a small solar panel researching. Hence, minimal power consumption for cellular communication is crucial for a realisable, long life system.

Hassan A.



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