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Telit FAQs, Part 19: Can I concurrently run Socket Listen, Socket Dial and TCPATRUN sessions on the HE910/UE910 module?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Yes, the socket dial and listen commands can run on the same AT instance, but different sockets. One can be used for #SD, the other can be used for #SL. The TCPATRUN must have an instance all of its own. That can be configured using the AT#TCPATRUNCFG command.


For example using PORTCFG =1:

Instance AT0 (USIF0)

• Socket Dial (Socket 1)

• Socket Listen (Socket 2)

Instance AT2

• TCPATRUN (Configurable through TCPATRUNCFG command)


Please refer to the “Telit_HE910_UE910_Family_Ports_Arrangements” document for an in depth description of the different port configurations available on the HE910/UE910.



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