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Telit FAQs, Part 16: How do I configure the STAT LED pin?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The STAT LED can be useful in early debugging, since it quickly indicates the state of the module. Typically the STAT LED is used to indicate the connection status as shown below.

Device Status
Permanently off
Device off
Fast blinking (period 1s, Ton 0,5s)
Net search / Not registered / turning off
Slow blinking (period 3s, Ton 0,3s)
Registered: full service
Permanently on
A call is active

For many Telit modules, the STAT LED pin is not configured for this functionality by default. To configure it, issue the following AT commands: 

AT#GPIO=1,0,2            // Set the GPIO to Alternate Function

AT#SLED=2                  // Enable STAT LED

AT#SLEDSAV                // Saves the setting



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