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Telit FAQs, Part 15: How do I order parts with older software versions on them?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Telit will manufacture all current and past Software versions as long as it is specified when placing an order. So if you did your development with software version 12.0.003 for instance, and you wish to stay with this version, Telit will continue to manufacture these particular versions with no problem even after newer ones become available.


Telit issues individual part numbers (SKU’s) that identify the Software revisions of their product. Therefore, you can specifically order this or any other version any at given time, as long as you reference the complete Telit part number when you place your order. The complete Telit part number (SKU) is located on the quote provided by Symmetry. Please contact us is if you are unsure which part number you should use for an order.



We would strongly advise you to have a method of updating the module software in the field. This will allow your products to take advantage of the latest The Telit modules offer various methods of updating their software, both over the air and through their hardware ports. Please see the FAQs on software updates for an overview of how this can be done.



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