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Telit FAQs, Part 11: My application requires both Cellular and GPS features, should I use a cellular module with built in GPS, or separate cellular and GPS modules?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Two important aspects to consider are physical size and power consumption. A cellular module with built-in GPS will offer the smallest solution. If your system requires extremely low power consumption and has long periods where only GPS/GNSS operation is required then using separate Cellular and GPS/GNSS modules will offer lower power consumption. This is because the combined Cellular + GPS/GNSS modules use the same silicon chipset for both functions, so in order to use the GPS functionality they have to power up the cellular portion too, resulting in greater power consumption compared to using a GPS/GNSS module alone.

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Telit offers a comprehensive line of GPS and GNSS modules that can be used for precise navigation and timing. Please contact Symmetry for help in selecting a GPS/GNSS module.



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