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Telit FAQs, Part 10: How can I do In Field software updates of my cellular modules?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In Field updates are a crucial part of any cellular design. Telit continually updates the software for their cellular modules to incorporate bug fixes as well as new functionality.

Note: The words Software and Firmware are used interchangeably in this context.



There are various ways in which you can update the software on a Telit cellular module. The simplest methods use a cable to connect the module to a PC and upload it that way. The more advanced methods allow you to update the module over the air, using the module’s cellular connectivity to download the new software.


Using a cable connection:

Most of the Telit cellular modules can use either a USB or UART connection to update the software. You will need both the programmer software as well as the new software for your module to do the update. These are available free of charge, just contact Symmetry/Semiconductorstore and we will be happy to assist you with these. The reason why Telit doesn’t make this software available freely on their website, is to protect their IP as well as to prevent customers from accidentally loading a wrong software version onto a module, which could damage the module.

Over The Air:

This is often the most cost effective way to update the software on a Telit cellular module, since it doesn’t require a technician to make a site visit. Telit offers a Premium FOTA Management service for modules on their m2mAir network. Please check the Telit website to see if your module qualifies for this service.

Some customers choose to implement over the air updates themselves. To do this you will need to sign an NDA with Telit to get the definition of their Stream protocol that is used to upload new software/firmware to the module. You can then design your system to download the new module software/firmware and perform an update of the module through the UART or USB port.



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