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Symmetry Electronics: Meet A Chip! Steve Helton from Sales Engineering

James in Blogs on March 23, 2017

About James

Meet Steve Helton from Symmetry Electronics. Steve handles outside sales covering the south central area of the US. 

Where are you from?

Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee but last 34 years in Dallas Texas.

What do you do at Symmetry?

Sales for the South Central area.

How long have you worked at Symmetry?

It will be 4 years in June.    

What’s your favorite thing about Symmetry?

Besides the people, our value to the customer base and the commitment to our manufacturers/supplier partners.

Why is everything bigger in Texas?

It all starts with the size of the state itself. Next would be the PRIDE, followed by the military, oil, power,BBQ, steaks, High School football, Big TEX (mascot of the Texas State fair) and last but not least, women's hair - TEXAS BIG HAIR.

What exciting trends do you see in our industry?

I have been through the military BOOM of the 80's, Telecom and PC's of the 90's, startups of the 2000's but the IOT/Wireless movement will blow them all away.

Who has better BBQ? Texas or Tennessee?

Personally it is Tennessee just because I love pork. I smoke a lot of ribs from babybacks to St. Louis, but my Boston Butt is to die for. Then again you cant beat a good Texas Brisket.



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