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Symmetry Electronics: Meet A Chip! Stephan Our Director Of Sales Operations

James in Blogs on January 16, 2017

About James

After a holiday break Meet A Chip is back! This week, meet Stephan, Symmetry's Director of Sales Operations.

Where are you from?

Boston, Massachusetts. I moved to Los Angeles in 1999 to attend Loyola Marymount University and have stayed in California ever since. I will, however, always be a New England kid at heart. Tom Brady is a national treasure, GO PATS!

What do you do at Symmetry?

My title is Director, Sales Operations. I run the inside sales team, I am a product manager for some of our key suppliers, and am a “utility player” for whatever needs to get done. My favorite part about working at a company like Symmetry is that I get to wear a lot of different hats and stay involved across all levels of the business.

How long have you worked here?

13 years – wow! I started in January 2004, shortly after graduating college. Hard to believe it…one could say that I “grew up” at Symmetry. The technology has come a long way too.

What’s your favorite thing about California?

The diversity of landscapes. You can, in one day, start your morning at a sunny beach, drive through a barren desert, and end up in snow covered mountains….AND, along the way, go from the most populated metro area in the U.S. to such rugged & remote areas that you cannot see any evidence of mankind whatsoever. You don’t get that kind of varied scenery anywhere else in the country, it’s amazing!



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