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Symmetry Electronics: Meet A Chip! Andrew Fox from Sales Engineering

James in Blogs on March 31, 2017

About James

It's time for Meet A Chip from Symmetry Electronics. Meet Andrew Fox, Field Sales Engineer covering the mid-Atlantic and southeast US.

Grew up in Huntsville, AL. Went to UAB in Birmingham, AL for Biomedical Engineering. Took my first job out of school in the semiconductor industry in 2012 with ELCOM which was a manufacturer’s rep for the Southeast US. After this job, moved on to work with DCS, North American wireless distributor, covering Director of Modules Sales, specifically for Telit in North America. After getting my feet wet with some experience as both a rep and as a distributor, I moved on to Symmetry Electronics in late 2015. I'm in Field Sales Engineering at Symmetry for the mid-Atlantic and Southeast US.

I’m enjoying selling our line card to a market which has shifted from hardwired devices to connecting/measuring platforms with various types of wireless technologies. That’s what separates Symmetry from the other distributors, currently. We are in a unique space, supporting almost every wireless technology out there, which is currently booming in the market. There is no doubt in my mind that Symmetry is on a path to significant growth and success over the next several years! Not only is our line card of manufacturers impressive, but Symmetry offers a great atmosphere with leadership which is focused on working with each Field Sales Engineer and the customers in each market. This allows us to move business faster from start to finish with success and help be understanding to customer’s requirements with terms, credit limits, stocking, etc. We are in the business of not just supporting and distributing technology but rather seeing each customer succeed.

My hobbies include competitive sailboat racing across the east coast. Being from Alabama, the most important thing to know about the south is respecting the significance of SEC College Football. Either you are an Alabama Fan or Auburn Fan. Go Auburn Tigers! If you’ve never been down to the south for a college football game, it's worth checking out. One of my most memorable customer experiences is going to an Alabama Football game last year with one of my wireless customers of 3+ years and our very own VP of Sales, Clancy Barham.



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