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Symmetry Electronics is a Silver Sponsor of the 2014 AMD Embedded Developers Conference

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Symmetry Electronics, a technical distribution expert in the fast growing and flourishing wireless, audio/video, and embedded markets, announced that it will be a Silver Sponsor of AMD’s Embedded Developers Conference, being held Wednesday, October 15 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA.

AMD is leading the way with scalable and powerful innovation that will transform intelligent and embedded systems. The Embedded Developers Conference is designed for engineers and embedded technology professionals looking for an intensive technology experience utilizing AMD embedded processor technology in a variety of applications and vertical segments. Learn from industry experts: AMD, Mentor Graphics, GizmoSphere, Texas Multicore Technologies, and more.

The Embedded Developers Conference will offer four hands-on technical sessions of up to 90 minutes that highlight key technology innovation for the next generation of connected and intelligent devices.


AMD’s 2015-2016 Embedded Product Roadmap 

During the event, AMD experts will offer insights into how AMD products are driving innovative design wins today in embedded markets ranging from embedded gaming machines, digital signage and medical imaging, to commercial aerospace, industrial controls, and communications infrastructure. Success in embedded markets will be critical to AMD’s overall ability to drive growth into 2015 and beyond. Learn about the 64-bit ARM and x86 products from the AMD 2015-2016 Roadmap that will help enable the AMD Embedded business to pave the way for a new class of embedded systems designed to meet the growing demands of future performance, cost and complexity requirements.

Symmetry to Showcase the Latest AMD-Based SAPPHIRE Board and the Gizmo Explorer Kit

Symmetry will be showcasing a dual screen demonstration of SAPPHIRE's 4x4 board, highlighting the powerful single-board computer in a small outline. Symmetry will also be demonstrating a video streaming application using the Gizmo Explorer Board from fellow sponsor GizmoSphere.

“Symmetry is proud to be a sponsor of this event and is excited to support the latest innovations and tools in embedded hardware developments,” stated Ken Davison, Symmetry President. “We look forward to supporting developers in choosing the best platform for their projects.”

For more information, call Symmetry at (310) 536-6190, or contact us online.



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