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Symmetry Electronics is a Silver Sponsor of Telit's 2014 Developers Conference (DevCon)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Symmetry Electronics, a technical distribution expert in the fast growing and flourishing wireless, audio/video, and embedded markets, announced that it will be a Silver Sponsor of Telit’s 2014 Developers Conference  (DevCon), being held on Monday, September 8 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas during Super Mobility Week and before CTIA.  

DevCon 2014 is Telit's fourth forum for machine-to-machine communications (M2M) developers and adopters to review the latest technology trends and examine best business practices in the industry. This full day, two-track conference is designed for technologists in today’s connected device ecosystem. It delivers high-value, current, and impactful content in a compact, well-designed program that is as affordable as it is relevant for business and technology professionals already exploring or looking to start connecting devices with M2M. 

Join Telit DevCon 2014

See how Telit brings together all the pieces of the puzzle to make the Internet of Things a reality. Watch our "A Day in the Life of the Internet of Things" video, and join TDC to learn more at the event.

Telit is Your ONE STOP. ONE SHOP. for the Internet of Things Made Plug & Play

Telit Wireless is well positioned to ride the next wave of growth for cellular M2M modules and services with its laser focus on the M2M market, platform services and one of the broadest hardware portfolios. 

Millions of device continue to be connected to the IoT every day. That makes it necessary that the process for connecting these device is simple. The ONE STOP. ONE SHOP. delivery model arranges all ingredients into manageable solutions from the perspective of the adopter.

Telit’s m2mAIR Cloud 

First there were Telit wireless modules, then m2mAIR Mobile connectivity, and now there’s m2mAIR Cloud: a do-it-yourself service that simplifies the creation of your own end-to-end m2m/IoT applications and dashboards. Find out how you can easily connect your ‘things” to the cloud using a developer-friendly open platform with built-in comprehensive device integration and management functions, network management, end-to-end security, scalable cloud infrastructure, and enterprise integration capabilities.  

Multi-Tech to be a Gold Sponsor of Telit DevCon 2014

Multi-Tech will provide an insight into how to effectively and efficiently connect IoT/M2M cellular devices and the management options available. This is a must attend information session for IoT/M2M ecosphere professionals looking to gain a real world understanding of connection techniques, best practices and how to realize the management benefits of deployed cellular hardware. Attend this session and walk away with information about key considerations for IoT/M2M hardware performance, understanding IoT/M2M hardware optimization, what to consider when choosing a cellular network, and why hardware choices are important.

Symmetry’s Exclusive Telit Cellular IN-A-BOX Quick Start Development Kits

Symmetry’s exclusive Telit IN-A-BOX kits are a great way to kickstart a cellular M2M design. Our custom Cellular IN-A-BOX quick-start development kits based on Telit CE910, DE910, HE910 and GE864-GPS M2M modules available exclusively on Each kit includes everything required to begin a cellular design for a variety of applications. The kits provide a stable hardware platform on which to begin software development, along with a software tool that verifies the setup. The various cellular technologies supported include: 3G, HSPA+, GSM, CDMA, 1xRTT, EVDO, and GPS. Using the included step-by-step Getting Started Guide, an engineer can be up and running with any one of our custom kits in less than 3 minutes.

Each kit includes:

  • Telit EVK2
  • Telit Interface Board
  • Software Development Introduction Tools
  • Cellular Antenna(s)
  • Power Supply
  • Getting Started Guide & Documentation

Interested in finding out more about DevCon, Telit, Multi-Tech, or M2M connectivity? Call Symmetry Electronics at (310) 536-6190, or contact us online.



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