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Silicon Labs Hosting Industrial Automation Webinar Series

Friday, June 5, 2015

The growing trend in Industrial automation involves the integration of physical machinery and processes with sensors, computers, and software. The result is an intelligent manufacturing infrastructure that creates system architectures that are more affordable, responsive, and effective, especially in today's smarter, connected world.

Join Silicon Labs for an Industrial Automation Webinar Series where they take a deep dive into the areas making the largest impact in this revolution. 

Before the webinar, check out the Silicon Labs BT121 Long Range Bluetooth Smart Ready products including the recommended development kit - DKBT - click here. Use coupon code SILABSWEBDKBT15 to receive 15% OFF the DKBT Development kit until July 31, 2015.

Kit Giveaways: Select, qualified attendees will receive development kits to get a hands-on start with the solutions presented in the webinars.

Webinar Topics

Complete Isolation

Discover the basics as well as the finer points of isolators, all working toward a goal of total isolation, including power! 

June 23 @ 10:00AM PST


Industrial Bluetooth

Learn the benefits like cost savings and increased safety of implementing Bluetooth® into industrial control applications. 

June 24 @ 10:00AM PST


Motor Control

See how you can improve performance and mitigate noise immunity issues for industrial motors and high-voltage signals. 

June 25 @ 10:00AM PST


Smart. Connected. Energy-Friendly.



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