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Video: A Comprehensive Review of the Silvertel Ag300 Series Qi Wireless Power Modules

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The demand for wireless, on the go devices is growing steadily. Consumers don’t want to be tethered by cables, but wireless power has been historically hard to come by. The Silvertel Ag300 Series Qi wireless power modules are cutting cables and changing the game.

With the ever-increasing use of mobile and portable devices, the Silvertel Ag301 and Ag311 wireless power modules offer a wide range of attractive benefits. There are no cables to get tangled or require numerous different plugs or sockets for various devices. There are no exposed metal parts, meaning there is no risk of electrical shock. There are no contacts to cause sparks, meaning there is no contact degradation due to friction, corrosion or abrasion, and the modules can be used in explosive environments. The units can be completely sealed for use in harsh environments, as their operation is not affected by dirt, dust, water or chemicals. They can even be used underwater, or in medical environment where disinfecting and sterilization is required.

Silvertel Ag301 Qi Compatible Wireless Receiver Module

The Ag301 wireless power receiver module aids the effortless, fast design of Qi compliant wireless charging products. It is designed to work with the Ag311 or any other Qi compliant wireless power transmitter.

The receiver module provides a low ripple, low noise regulated output with overload and short-circuit output protection built-in. It provides a 5V regulated output voltage with a peak current rating of 1.2A, ideal for supplying the charging circuits of portable devices. The module is designed for simple integration, requiring the addition of just a standard Qi coil.


  • Qi Compatible
  • Output Power 5W
  • Size 31.19mm x 22.88mm x 4.1mm
  • Output Overload & Short-circuit Protection
  • Simple Integration


Silvertel Ag311 Qi Compatible Wireless Transmitter Module

The Ag311 wireless power transmitter module is a Qi type A1/A10 half-bridge based solution, single coil with or without an aligning magnet arrangement, requiring a standard 19V input to the transmitter module. The module provides a controlled supply of power to any Qi compatible receiver, with overload and short-circuit protection built-in. It is designed to work with the Ag301 or any other Qi compliant wireless power receiver.

When the Ag311 wireless transmitter is connected to a 19V supply, it will start up and look for an Ag301 wireless receiver in range. If an object is detected then this signal is extended, looking for a Ping data message back from the receiver. If a valid “Ping” message is received, the power signal is maintained and the transmitter looks for the “Identification & Configuration” message and the “Power Transfer” message. If the transmitter receives valid data, it will maintain and adjust the power signal in accordance with the data sent back from the receiver.


  • Qi Compatible (A1 / A10)
  • Low Standby Current
  • Size 33.12mm x 27.94mm x 5.1mm
  • Simple Integration


Ready to implement wireless power in your applications? Call Symmetry at (310) 536-6190, or contact us online. Full evaluation kits are available for both the Silvertel Ag311 and Ag301 transmit and receive modules.



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