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Looking For Full 4K and Direct PC Control? DVDO 4K Ultra HD Test Pattern Generator

Michael Venezia in Blogs on August 01, 2016

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DVDO AVLab Test Pattern Generator (TPG) is the first pocket-sized test pattern generator supporting full 4K Ultra HD at 50/60Hz as specified in Version 2.0 of the HDMI Standard. Designed specifically for use with Color Management System (CMS) software such as CalMAN, the AVLab TPG is powered by USB and uses the USB interface to automatically control the video calibration workflow. Pocket-sized and rugged, AVLab TPG is designed to bring lab-quality functionality to on-site display setup and calibration.

Full 4K (50/60Hz) Patterns

AVLab TPG matches test pattern quality to the capability of the 4K Ultra HD panel which is critical to achieve optimum results. Professional AV installers can use custom 4K test patterns to verify format, sharpness, black levels and color calibration.

Direct PC control

AVLab TPG offers a direct USB connection providing power and control for fast verification and calibration of a new panel in CalMAN or other video calibration software packages. AVLab TPG integrates into the workflow to dynamically generate new test patterns based on user and software control, and the included IR remote control allows fast jump-to pattern access for quick

Custom ISF Patterns

DVDO collaborated with the Image Science Foundation (ISF) to include a set of black and white PLUGE patterns in the AVLab TPG for quick visual verification of black and white levels as well as contrast.

Wide Range of Easily Accessible Patterns

AVLab TPG offers three sources of test patterns.

• Built in test patterns Over 85 built in test patterns to cover display setup and visual calibration.
• USB controlled custom patterns Interface through USB with CMS software dynamically generates thousands of patterns
• HDMI/MHL Pass-through Designed to accept patterns via an MHLenabled device (Android)


While critical-high quality patterns are all built in, installers can connect AVLab TPG to any MHLenabled devices such as smartphones or tablets to integrate their favorite custom patterns into the workflow for direct high-definition display of custom test patterns. When powered by a 5V-3A supply, the AVLab TPG even charges the mobile device while in use.

For additional product information or technical support, contact Symmetry Electronics, an authorized distributor of industry leading wireless, audio/video and embedded chips, modules and dev/eval tools. Call (877) 466-9722.


Michael Venezia in Blogs on August 01, 2016

About Michael Venezia

(866) 506-8829


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