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Case Study - Industrial Security - Lantronix and Symmetry help Secura Key with both wired and wireless remote management

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Challenge

Help Secura Key upgrade its access control panel system to offer both wired and wireless remote management.

The Solution 

Embed either the Lantronix XPort or WiPort within a plug-in module for the access control panel to affordably offer network connectivity as a standard feature.

The Result

Secura Key's new SK-ACP Advanced Control Panel helps customers maintain a high level of security while saving on installation and wiring costs by leveraging their existing local area network.  Secura Key has been in the business of manufacturing access control and radio-frequency identification (RFID) products for over 35 years. They offer a complete line of access control products ranging from single-door, highly intelligent stand-alone systems to complete multi-door, online PC-based systems.  Secura Key also manufactures a full line of RFID products that comply with ISO standards including 15693 and 14443.

Several years ago, Secura Key developed the SK-ACP, an access control panel for entry/exit management for industrial-grade usage, including office buildings, parking lots, hospitals and other areas in which security is a priority. The control panel has inputs for two card readers and output relays to control door locking devices or gate operators. The panel maintains a database of card holders and access schedules, allowing it to deny or grant access to cardholders based on their access privileges.

On the advice of Symmetry Electronics, a longtime distributor of Lantronix products, Secura Key adapted the initial version of the SK-ACP access panel to interface to a local area network via Ethernet using the Lantronix UDS1100 external device server. While the single-port UDS1100 was a quick, simple and relatively inexpensive way to bring the advantages of network connectivity to the access control system, for the updated version of its control panel, Secura Key wanted to offer an embedded networking capability.

Read the full case study attached below.

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