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How Buying From Symmetry Electronics Saves You Money And Time

James in Blogs on January 05, 2017

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There are a lot of options for the engineers when it comes to component purchasing for a design or production run. There are multiple distributors, e-commerce stores and suppliers ready and willing to help. So why choose Symmetry Electronics? Here’s how we’ll help you save money and time.


Larger distributors don’t have the same flexibility we have on pricing. With the large distribution companies, the price is sometimes set by minimums and they often have little wiggle room. However, Symmetry’s sales team can work on pricing and quantities to help you same money. Talk to one of our sales people and let’s see if we can secure a better price and save you even more money.

Technical Support from Application Engineers

It’s easy to contact our application engineers on the phone, by email or live chat. Once you’re a customer you can have direct access, saving you time and quickly getting the answers you need. Our engineers will help with product selection, development kit prototyping, pre-production, production runs and technical support. Our engineers work directly with our suppliers and can save you more time, money and hassle. Additionally, engineers at Symmetry have years of design experience especially for wireless, audio/video and embedded design projects.

Focused line card

We’re knowledgeable with what we sell. Other distributors carry hundreds of lines which may give more options, but it’s nearly impossible to know so many lines and their products in detail. At Symmetry, our focus on embedded, wireless and IoT components will help immensely.

Return RMA policy

ISO certified – our return rate is very low for the industry and we have a fluid process in place that makes RMA situations easy and gets you back to designing.



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