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From Lantronix: "Lantronix IT Management Solutions: Starting with WHY!"

Alex Hollingworth in Blogs on May 28, 2018

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From Lantronix

efore I get into answering ‘the why’ the best way I know how, let me start by saying that recently I have read a lot of material written and presented by Simon Sinek. You may have seen some of his work talking about millennials in the workplace. It’s been around on LinkedIn and YouTube a great deal (listen to his TED Talk here) but perhaps his most popular works are his books such as Leaders Eat Last and Starting with Why. Starting with Why in particular resonated with me as my team and I work to build our Lantronix IT Management presence in EMEA. So I beg your indulgence for just a minute as instead of promoting another blog of technical functionality, speeds and feeds I will instead start with WHY Lantronix IT Management Solutions.


Are you taking risks walking on the wild side when it comes to protecting mission-critical infrastructure?

It’s late afternoon on another hot, dusty day on the plains of Africa and as golden light shines across the grazing impala, we can see their ears flicking away the bothersome flies buzzing around the watering hole where they are gathered. One impala looks up urgently as she hears something in the bush ahead – cortisol floods the impala’s brain. Cortisol is a precursor to the fight or flight impulse we all have inside us. Cortisol’s job is to protect us from physical danger. In fact, they call cortisol ‘the big C’ as it seriously affects our bodies by shutting down all non-essential systems. In the blink of an eye, this powerful neurotransmitter halts immune and reproductive function as the body prepares to put everything it has into staying alive.

While the impala’s present situation is much more precarious than what the average human might experience, our body’s response to real or perceived threats is nonetheless the same. It’s a dangerous phenomenon that when we feel threatened at work, or fall prey to the pressures of success, we can feel the anxiety that cortisol promotes for months on end. Our bodies are just not supposed to function in this heightened state as our immune system is shut down in preparation for imminent danger, which in the typical office context just doesn’t happen. I digress, back to Africa. A lion is stalking the heard and has already picked out its prey. An impala has strayed a little further out and grazing away from the others as it finds a piece of untouched grass to enjoy.

But now the impala is alert with cortisol flooding its body and now adrenaline is flowing to kick the impala’s survival instinct into overdrive. It hears the crack of the bush as the lioness bursts into view and the herd bolts. The lioness tries to tackle the impala, but it’s too late and the element of surprise is lost. Breathing heavily, the lioness walks back to the undergrowth hoping that she will have a final chance to hunt before she loses the sunlight altogether and her pride goes hungry. Dopamine is now the prominent chemical in the impala, often called the pleasure chemical. Its job is to help us reach our goals and reinforce positive behaviours by releasing a surge of happiness when we reach our goal (outrunning a hungry lioness and living to tell the tale would help you feel that, I assume). It’s now the whole herd that benefits from the boost of oxytocin because oxytocin is the chemical that promotes serving others. High levels of oxytocin are associated with physical contact, trust and cooperation. When we help other people, we get a boost of oxytocin which is good for us and helps us get rid of the Cortisol that is built up in stressful situations. When dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin replace the big ‘C’, our anxiety levels reduce and, more importantly, all the systems in the body resume their normal function.

So WHY Lantronix?

Because at Lantronix everything we do is done in order to make sure when our customers most mission-critical infrastructure goes down that we can get it back up and running, FAST. We reduce anxiety and the big C by letting you take control of all mission-critical infrastructure with our out of band IT Management solutions for the enterprise data center and remote branch office. This is ingrained into our culture at Lantronix and is why the Fortune 500 companies do business with us. It just so happens that Lantronix also makes the best Console Management products on the market today. When the network goes down or your business is under attack, you can rely on Lantronix to get in control, reduce stress and anxiety and get the business back up and running quickly.

So why haven’t I heard of Lantronix?

Lantronix has been in business since 1987 and is publicly traded on the NASDAQ. Over the last 14 months, Lantronix EMEA has undergone a transformation in terms of the team responsible for delivering IT Management Solutions and also the way we are going to market. We are maniacal in our focus to recruit value-added resellers and system integrators that understand that even though networking and infrastructure tools are available, these all work on the basis that the network is functioning properly to facilitate the functionality. We work with teams that understand for a low cost when compared to the networking kit that resides in each rack we can deliver incremental functionality that differentiates their technical offering.

Working hand in glove with Lantronix, our partner community and system integrators we provide peace of mind to the end customer. With our robust IT management solutions, we want to add value to your engagements too. We have sales and technical resources on hand to add value to your end user. We offer evaluation equipment for qualified proof of concepts and can help you generate the differentiation which is so essential to make your solution head and shoulders above your competition.

Contact us on or call +31 (0)76 52 36 744 for further assistance.
I look forward to seeing you all out on the field soon.

Alex Hollingworth
Senior Director EMEA Sales




Alex Hollingworth in Blogs on May 28, 2018

About Alex Hollingworth

From Lantronix


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