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Video: ESC Silicon Valley 2015 Recap - Lattice Semiconductor

Jamie Pederson in Blogs on August 12, 2015

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Lattice Semiconductor was a featured Symmetry partner at ESC Silicon Valley 2015. Lattice was focused on their powerful and low cost ICs which take up less board space.

Lattice looked specifically at the use of their ICs in three video applications.

USB3 Video Bridge Reference Design

Usually would use a USB3.0 chip. Lattice part can take HDMI, SDI or video sensor outputs and convert to USB 3.0 and maintain full 1080p 60 frames/second resolution. This will maintain the quality of the video with less board space and a lower BOM cost.

HMI Solution

Lattice is working with a partner who has a GUI on the PC. Then the user generates a bit stream which can be fed into the Lattice FPGA which is then fed out to a capacitive touch screen. Now the user can interact with the same GUI on the touch screen and control the PC. This is valuable because the Lattice IC has the horsepower to display on the TFT display, render the graphics and handle touch screen interface on its own. Lattice calls this HOC or HMI-On-Chip. This also requires no coding because they have a full graphical interface design WYSIWYG. All in a small FPGA footprint

HDR Camera Kit

This demo shows that the hardware supports full 1080p HDR camera. The kit is taking 2 images, one with a short exposure, the other with a longer exposure and combining the 2 together for a HDR image. The kit shown is actually a full production ready HDR camera designed to fit in standard camera housings. This is solution from lattice is lower cost when compared to standard HDR camera solutions.

For more information about Lattice products, or for technical support in getting your video application running, call Symmetry at (310) 536-6190, or contact us online



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