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Video: Silicon Labs DKBT Long Range BT121 Bluetooth Smart Ready Development Kit Overview

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The new DKBT BT121 Long Range Bluetooth 4.1 Smart Module Development Kit from Silicon Labs contains everything needed to jumpstart a Bluetooth Smart Ready design using the BT121 module. Symmetry Technical Marketing Engineer Anuja Upale shows us what comes included in the box, and points out a few helpful features of the DKBT. 

The DKBT Development Kit Contains:

  • Display
  • On-board accelerometer, altimeter and potentiometer
  • AAA battery holder
  • USB and RS232 interfaces
  • On-board firmware programming
  • Current measurement point
  • I/O headers
  • BT121 Carrier Board
  • Bluetooth Smart Ready SDK:
  •  - BGAPITM documentation
  •  - BGScriptTM development tools
  •  - BGLIBTM source code
  •  - Profile ToolkitTM 
  •  - BGScript and BGLIB examples
  •  - Profile examples
  • Documentation
  • iOS and Android example applications for BLE


Order yours, or get more information about BT121 and other Silicon Labs products by calling Symmetry at (310) 536-6190, or contact us online.



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