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Bringing Plug-and-Play Simplicity to Your Next Audio Design with the CP2615 USB-to-I2S-Bridge from Silicon Labs

Ramyak in Blogs on April 20, 2017

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From Silicon Labs

Looking to develop a new USB audio accessory? Need to get that to market quickly? No worries. We’ve got you covered. USB system development often involves significant protocol expertise, design effort, and cost for proper implementation. Additionally, USB audio development requires sophisticated clock synchronization which poses further development challenges. To address these needs, and to get your products to market faster, we’re introducing a highly integrated fixed-function USB-to-I2S bridge device, the CP2615.

The CP2615 USB-to-I2S bridge device is designed for rapid development of USB-based audio applications such as USB headphones, headsets, speakers, and other accessories. These devices simplify the process of transferring audio data from USB to I2S without the need for any complex protocol expertise or time consuming code development. The CP2615 includes a USB 2.0 full-speed function controller, USB transceiver, oscillator, I2S (audio) interface and I2C (control) interface in a compact 5x5 mm QFN32 package ideal for space constrained applications.

The device also provides built-in support for USB digital audio streaming and HID user-interface functions for transport control buttons, and is designed to operate with any USB host that supports USB Audio Class 1.0, so no driver installation is required.

To simplify development and to provide more flexibility to audio designs, the CP2615 devices are also supported by a simple GUI based Xpress configurator tool within Simplicity Studio. The CP2615 device has a number of properties that can be selected and configured as per the application needs. Download the application note AN1044: CP2615 Customization Utility User Guide for more information on the configuration options.

To help you get started with your next design with CP2615, we also designed the CP2615 digital audio bridge evaluation kit CP2615-EK. This comprehensive kit includes everything to evaluate and develop with CP2615 device.

You can order a CP2615-EK here. To learn more about digital audio or CP2615, click here


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Ramyak in Blogs on April 20, 2017

About Ramyak

From Silicon Labs


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