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Bluetooth 4.2 Designs with Silicon Labs Blue Gecko

Nimit Pradhan in Blogs on December 30, 2015

About Nimit Pradhan

Quickly deliver Bluetooth® Smart connectivity with Silicon Labs Blue Gecko energy-friendly wireless system-on-chip (SoC) devices. Take advantage of a Bluetooth Smart applications, software stack and BGScript based development that transitions your software from module-based to discrete circuit designs.

The BGM111 module uses the Blue Gecko BLE SoC, so this offers customers a quick development module option and a high volume SoC option.


Product Features: Differentiators

• Up to 32 kB SRA

• Up to 256 kB of Programmable Flash

• Low Active Mode Current: 59 µA/MHz

•Up to 40 MHz Clock Speed

• ARM Cortex-M3 or M4 + Floating Point Unit2. 

• Powerful & Versatile MCU & Memory Options:

• Low Power Radio features include RFSENSE

• Active-mode TX at 0 dBm: 8.3 mA

• Active-mode RX: 7.5 mA

• Programmable Output Power: +11.5 dBm

• Excellent Receive Sensitivity: - 95 dBm

• Integrated BALUN & Power Amplifier

• Compatible With Bluetooth 4.2 Specification1. Integrated Bluetooth Smart Transceiver


Development Kit Option - Silicon Labs Blue Gecko Bluetooth Smart Module Wireless Starter Kit -  (



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