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Video: An Introduction to the Trinamic TMC5130 Stepper Motor Controller and Driver

Stephanie Guimera in Blogs on September 11, 2015

About Stephanie Guimera

The Trinamic TMC5130A is a high performance two-phase stepper motor controller and driver IC with serial communication interfaces. It combines a flexible ramp generator for automatic target positioning with the industry’s most advanced stepper motor driver. Based on Trinamic’s sophisticated stealthChop chopper, the driver ensures noiseless operation combined with maximum efficiency and exceptional motor torque. 



  • 2-phase stepper motors
  • Drive Capability up to 2A coil current (2.5A peak)
  • Motion Controller with sixPoint ramp
  • Step/Dir Interface with microstep interpolation microPlyer
  • Voltage Range 4.75 46V DC
  • SPI & Single Wire UART
  • Encoder Interface and 2x Ref.-Switch Input
  • Highest Resolution 256 microsteps per full step
  • stealthChop for extremely quiet operation and smooth motion
  • spreadCycle highly dynamic motor control chopper
  • dcStep load dependent speed control
  • stallGuard2 high precision sensorless motor load detection
  • coolStep current control for energy savings up to 75%
  • Integrated Current Sense Option
  • Passive Breaking and freewheeling mode
  • Full Protection & Diagnostics
  • Compact Size 9x9mm2 TQFP48 package


Trinamic TMC5130-EVAL-KIT

The TMC5130-EVAL-KIT is both a quick start to evaluate the functionality of the TMC5130, and a proven reference Design with all sources available for download free of charge. 

The TMC5130-EVAL-KIT includes one "Startrampe" MCU board, one bridge board, and one TMC5130-EVAL driver board. It allows a designer to get a motor turning in just minutes, while still providing full access to all registers and full functionality and diagnostics.

The TMC5130-EVAL is part of Trinamic’s universal evaluation board system which provides a convenient handling of the hardware as well as a user-friendly software tool for evaluation.

For more information about the TMC5130 or any other Trinamic products, call Symmetry at (310) 536-6190 or contact us online



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