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An Introduction to the Fujitsu Jade IdeaBoxx

Stephanie Guimera in Blogs on October 21, 2015

About Stephanie Guimera

Fujitsu has introduced the new IdeaBoxx™ graphics application development kit, providing a low cost, self-contained, self-starting kit for quick evaluation of a complete graphical sub-system. IdeaBoxx is designed to enable users to be ready and running in minutes, not hours. Even users with little or no programming experience can develop dynamic graphics and streamline the prototype process quickly and easily.


The first Fujitsu IdeaBoxx, the Linux-based Jade kit, includes a specially developed low cost module containing Fujitsu's Jade Graphics Display Controller, which is based on an ARM™ 926EJES processor running at 333MHz and can support two screens independently. The module contains all the required hardware including graphics memory, flash memory, and support for Jade's multiple I/O functions. The board also contains an Ethernet controller and HDMI. It includes a 7" touch LCD screen and connector assembly, controlled by a pre-programmed Jade GDC. The IdeaBoxx comes with a full set of documentation from Fujitsu, including board files to create a reference design platform, making it more than just a development or prototyping tool. All libraries and tools, including several self-starting demos, are provided free of charge and royalties and included on the stick.


  • Real World Embedded Environment - IdeaBoxx provides a fast, easy-to-use and reliable real-world embedded environment that gives a view of how the graphics would appear on the finished product
  • Drastically Reduced Development Time - Reduces the development timeline by incorporating all necessary hardware and software in an optimized bundle so users don’t need to source anything.
  • Up and Running Immediately - Everything designed and tested to work plug-and-play so that users can focus completely on the creative elements of their design right out of the box.
  • Intuitive User Interface - The IdeaBoxx includes a demo version of Crank Software’s Storyboard Suite, which simplifies development of the user interface, and enables developers to view their work instantly on the target display using the actual embedded hardware.


  • Crank Software’s Storyboard Suite is an excellent complement for Jade IdeaBoxx. Together, Crank and IdeaBoxx are well suited to tackle the challenges of embedded graphic development.
  • Fujitsu Semiconductor America and Crank Software have joined forces to produce an innovative design environment that simplifies and streamlines the process for developing 3D graphics.
  • Simplifying the User Interface - Storyboard provides a highly intuitive user interface that is instantly comprehensible. It simplifies the user interface and eliminates the need for multi-stage development environments so typical in graphics design.
  • Photoshop Integration - The seamless relationship with Photoshop PSD files enables our artists to generate prototypes immediately. They can view their work right away on the target display using the embedded hardware. IdeaBoxx removes the artist/ engineer dependency by freeing the graphic artist to explore new ideas and concepts without risking the efforts and time of the engineers.

Included in the Jade IdeaBoxx:

  • (1) PCB with Fujitsu’s Jade SoM, processor, graphics memory (frame buffer), Flash memory and RAM memory
  • (1) 7-inch backlit LCD with capacitive touch screen
  • (1) USB stick containing documentation, and preloaded touch and non-touch demos
  • (1) SD card
  • (1) Power supply
  • (1) USB cable for console access

For more information or to order your Jade IdeaBoxx, please call Symmetry Electronics at (310) 536-6190, or contact us online



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