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Video: An Introduction to the DVDO Air3C-PRO WirelessHD Adapter Featuring the Lattice Semiconductor 60GHz WirelessHD Transmitter and Receiver Module Pair

Monday, June 22, 2015

The DVDO Air3C-PRO is the industry’s first WirelessHD adapter designed for commercial and professional home theater installations with a rock-solid wireless link, exclusive installation software to monitor and lock down an installation, and flexible mounting options. Its ease of use out of the box is unparalleled: take it out, plug in your source and your display and power, and the receiver will connect automatically and begin transmitting video and audio using the Lattice Semiconductor 60GHz WirelessHD transmitter and receiver module pair.


Air3C-PRO is the ideal tool to keep on every installer’s truck to streamline every installation without sacrificing the picture quality or reliability of a cable. Using the 60GHz frequency band, Air3C-PRO is free from other wireless interference.

Air3C-PRO transmits HD content with near zero lag time between the source and display, delivering cable-like reliability. Leveraging advanced radar technology, Air3C-PRO’s phased-array beam-forming technology automatically scans the room and looks for the best path from transmitter to receiver in every frame of video, up to 60 times a second.


2.4GHz and 5GHz based Wi-Fi networks are subject to frequent interference, and are forced to compress video to fit in their available bandwidth. Air3C-PRO is specifically designed with up to a 3Gb/s data rate and professional grade technology to save valuable installation time and eliminate call-backs.


DVDO’s wireless configuration utility allows professional installers using Air3C-PRO to directly access all aspects of the wireless link. The utility shows signal strength to optimize the installation and build in link margin, allowing access to monitor audio and video stream information, and allows the installer to control the pairing method as well as the specific TX/RX pairs that can link to each other. The utility can lock down a working installation to make sure a customer cannot later disrupt the link and create a call-back.


Key Features:

  • 60GHz Wireless HDMI Technology
  • 1080p60 HDMI Connectivity
  • Both units USB powered
  • 30'+ in-room connection
  • Exclusive pro-installation software
  • RF "beam" steering for auto-healing connection
  • Free from other Wi-Fi Interference
  • Low latency almost zero lag time
  • 7.1 HD Audio
  • 3D Support
  • CEC pass through
  • Fast recovery
  • Euro power available
  • Easy install: 10+ mounting options
  • Bounce off walls for hidden install


Call Symmetry at (310) 536-6190 or contact us online for more information about DVDO and Lattice Semiconductor, and how to get started with your WirelessHD application. 



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