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An Introduction to Simblee by RF Digital

Stephanie Guimera in Blogs on July 22, 2015

About Stephanie Guimera

“It’s like seeing the internet for the first time.” – Rafe Husain, Former Senior Principal Engineer, Broadcom



RF Digital’s groundbreaking new product, Simblee, will revolutionize Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity and the way in which people and things connect with each other. Simblee is a 7 x 10 mm BLE module with built-in antenna and ARM controller and 29 GPIOs. It is 100 times faster than conventional BLE with 3 millisecond latency and 10 microsecond accuracy, and offers unlimited connections, opening up possibilities in applications including wearables, medical, gaming, military, automotive, point of sale, and industrial applications.


Simblee makes creating phone and tablet apps as easy as blinking an LED. The mobile application resides on the Simblee device, not on the phone; no app downloads are needed. Simblee is programmed using Arduino Sketch code, but expands upon the Sketch format used by the RFduino modules by including interface logic for the mobile application, meaning the hardware code and mobile app both appear on the same page of code. Instead of requiring users to interact with multiple individually branded applications, Simblee provides an interface and a connection to the Web, creating an experience more akin to visiting a website that interacts with real-world objects.

Simblee's Bluetooth signal sensitivity can be adjusted to different tolerances. The Simblee chip can be set to allow interaction from inches to hundreds of feet away. It also features a new "interference resistance" algorithm in the chip's wireless communications that allows it to continue to communicate in more challenging radio frequency environments. Simblee boasts global compliance approval including FCC, IC, CE, TELEC.


The Simblee family consists of 2 parts, the RFD77101 (module only) and the RFD77201 (module with adapter to RFDuino). 


Simblee is poised to change the face of BLE connectivity and how people interact with the world around them. To order, or for more information on Simblee, call Symmetry Electronics at (310) 536-6190, or contact us online.



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