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A Brief Recap of the Nordic nRF52 Global Tech Tour Orange County, CA Session

Nimit Pradhan in Blogs on October 28, 2015

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Nordic has taken their nRF52 Series experts on the road for the Global Tech Tour 2015. The US portion of the trainings started on October 5 in Boston, MA and wrapped up on October 22 in San Jose, CA. The tour is currently in Europe through November 9, then moves to the Asia Pacific region from November 9 through December 10.


In attendance at the Orange County, CA session on October 16, 2015 were current and potential customers from Nordic, distributors, Nordic lead hardware and software engineers from Norway, and all of Nordic’s North American FAEs. This was a great opportunity for embedded application development engineers to get acquainted with the nRF52 product and ask questions of the Nordic experts hosting the seminar.


The event started with an introduction to the nRF52 solution and other Nordic wireless solutions. As the session proceeded, the Nordic experts dove into more technical details of the nRF52 chip, including the processor specifications, radio performance and power, system peripherals, NFC, system performance and power, and more. As the discussion proceeded forward in the direction of the technical aspects of the chip, topics covered included radio, soft device stacks, software development kit, timers, and NFC. This discussion clearly showed the superior performance of the nRF52 chip as compared to its competitors and put Nordic nRF52 way above the rest in the market.


After the seminar finished, all present in the room were very well familiar with the workings of the nRF52 chip and will now be ready to kick start their development using this new and advanced solution from Nordic.


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