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‘2017 Embedded Markets Study Results Will Be Revealed At ESC Boston’ Take The Survey From

Max Maxfield in Blogs on March 02, 2017

About Max Maxfield

For more than 20 years, and have undertaken their annual Embedded Markets Study in which we ask you -- the engineers battling in the trenches -- to keep us informed as to the state of play and most pressing challenges regarding your current creations and future projects.
Even a simple one-year snapshot of this sort of information can be extremely useful, but it becomes incredibly invaluable when you can place it in the context of preceding years, thereby allowing you to identify and track trends.

How many of today's embedded projects feature wireless capabilities, for example, and which wireless interfaces and protocols are used the most? What proportion of a development team's resources is devoted to hardware versus software, and how has this proportion changed over the years? Regarding the most pressing design and verification challenges, are these the same around the world, or do they vary region by region?

One exciting piece of news is that I will be providing a summary of the 2017 Embedded Markets Study at the forthcoming Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) in Boston May 3-4.

Even more exciting is the fact that we just opened the portal for this year's survey, so this is your chance to contribute your hard-earned knowledge and let us know what's really going on out there in Embedded Space (where no one can hear you scream). All you have to do is bounce over to the survey's landing page and start providing your valuable input. 

I know it can be a pain doing this sort of thing, but it will take only about 10 to 15 minutes, and we really do appreciate your feedback.


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