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Micro speakers are specifically intended for products with small diameter requirements. The speakers have a low-profile design and come with mylar cones for increased durability, making them ideally suited for use in headset and handheld applications. Several waterproof models further carry Ingress Protection (IP) ratings of IP67 for applications that deal with moisture and environmental contaminants.

DB Unlimited 

  • Sizes from 10mm to 306mm 
  • Dynamic and Piezo 
  • Micro, Standard, High Heat and Waterproof Versions Available

Integration is a primary advantage offered by the MEMS microphone revolution. MEMS microphones capitalize on this advantage by joining high-performance MEMS elements with state-of-the art wide dynamic range CMOS technology - a perfect combination. The first wave of digital microphones has used a PDM (Pulse Density Modulated) digital output. These microphones integrate the ADC, and output an undecimated 1-bit stream. PDM is an ideal interface to consider when you have a codec readily available and require multiple microphones, or have a substantial distance between the microphones and the codec.

Next generation microphones fit in all mobile applications where low power, high fidelity, tight sensitivity matching and high acoustic overload point (AOP) are important. Multi-mode microphones are ideal in 'AlwaysOn' applications where the current consumption is significantly reduced in Low-Power mode. High SNR is beneficial ensuring voice or music is picked up with high fidelity over larger distances, crucial in speakerphones and conferencing systems. Matching top and bottom port microphones in the 65 dBA SNR class allow a high degree of freedom in packaging mobile devices.


  • Multi-mode Microphones with both Digital and Analog Outputs (ICS-40618/40619, ICS-41350) 
  • Class-leading Ultra-high 70 dB SNR (ICS-40720) 
  • No-Codec Design Microphones with I²S and TDM Outputs (ICS-43434, ICS-52000) 
  • 133 dB SPL High AOP Digital PDM Microphone (INMP621) 
  • Matching Top and Bottom Port Microphone with 65 dB SNR (ICS-40180/40181) 

DB Unlimited

  • Sizes from 3mm to 9.7mm 
  • MEMS and Electret Condenser 
  • Surface Mount, Thru Hole and Flush Mounting Types
Audio DSPs

The DSP Group HDClear 3-Mic Development Kit for Amazon AVS, based on DSP Group's DBMD5 system on a chip (SoC), is designed to enable device manufacturers to easily implement AVS support in a wide range of devices.

Compared to other solutions available on the market, DSP Group's solution offers excellent far-field performance with only 3 mics, enabling hands-free voice user interface operation. It's available at a relatively low cost and at low power consumption.

DSP Group 

  • DSP Group's 3-Mic algorithm offering supports 1-mic voice activity detection (VAD) mode, 1-mic voice trigger mode, 3-mic noise reduction beam-forming mode, and 3-mic barge-in mode enabled by acoustic echo cancellation (AEC). All of these capabilities consume minimal power. 
  • DSP Group's 3-Mic algorithm offering - including beam-forming, noise reduction, acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) and 360-degree coverage - provides superior far-field performance. 
  • A single device supports 1 to 3 microphones, suitable for a range of products. 
  • Based on vast experience in the voice processing market, DSP Group's 3-Mic algorithm offering enables a low cost, Amazon-qualified far-field solution.

Audio Codecs

With the convenience of USB plug-and-play compatibility, customers can rapidly create ease-of-use, high-quality, and portable USB audio products based on highly integrated single chip solutions. Solutions provide the industrial standard HDA or I2S I/O interface, as well as integrates SPDIF and MIDI I/O. Turnkey solutions include audio class 2.0 compliant Windows and Mac drivers and firmware. It provides the most powerful audio core for high-fidelity true USB2.0 audio products such as USB microphone, headset, DAC, HP amplifier, audio station, recording console, etc.


  • Single Chip builds in codec with Headphone Amp 
  • Centralized Control UI for Better User Experience 
  • Microsoft Windows Vista / 7 WHQL Compliance 
  • Highly Integrated Single Chip for Multi-Channel Audio 
  • High Sample Rate and High Resolution(192KHz/24bit) 
  • Cmedia Xear Software Options for Sound Enhancement


  • Analog and Mixed Signal Design 
  • Circuit Design and Process Expertise 
  • System Knowledge and IP