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From Microcontroller Tips
Anuja Upale is an Applications Engineer at Symmetry Electronics. She has a Bachelor’s in Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunications from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, and a Master’s in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Maryland. With eight years of hands-on experience in the tech and electronics industries, Anuja serves as an excellent technical consulting resource for design engineers. Specializing in wireless technologies, including Cellular, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi, LoRa®,and GPS–Anuja develops insightful reference designs, application notes, white papers, and product kits to support the advancement of innovative technologies.
Augustine Nguyen is an Applications Engineer at Symmetry Electronics. He has his Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from University of California, Irvine, and five years of hands-on experience in application development and systems testing for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. In his current role, Augustine works as a technical advisor to assist engineers in designing, developing, and implementing IoT and embedded system products. Augustine is customer service oriented and works diligently to meet customer objectives while providing innovative solutions to common problems. He has extensive knowledge of the latest products and technologies and active relationships with the world’s leading electronic component manufacturers.
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